人力资源认证协会(HRCI®)是全球领先的人力资源领域的专业认证机构,是人力资源管理人才证明自身人力资源知识储备和实践经验的权威平台。人力资源认证协会的认证项目有:初级人力资源专家 (aPHR™)、美国地区人力资源专家 (PHR®)、美国地区高级人力资源专家 (SPHR®)、全球人力资源专家(GPHR®)、国际人力资源专家 (PHRi™)、国际高级人力资源专家 (SPHRi™)和加利福尼亚认证。


HR Certification Institute (HRCI) is the recognized leader of the only nationally accredited certification programs that human resource management generalists earn to demonstrate various levels of HR mastery, knowledge and real-world experience. HRCI’s premier family of credentials includes aPHR™ exam for those who are new to the field, PHR® exam and SPHR® exam that demonstrate mastery of HR in the United States, GPHR® exam for cross-border practitioners, PHRi™ exam and SPHRi™ exam for practitioners outside the U.S., and California-specific designations.

For more than 40 years, top executives have put their trust in HRCI credentials when making HR hiring and promotion decisions. As a result, more than 500,000 HR professionals from more than 100 countries have strengthened and advanced their careers and strategic value by meeting HRCI rigorous certification standards. HRCI is an independent, nonprofit organization, and works with the National Commission for Certifying Agencies to meet standards for accreditation. Visit HRCI at